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06 Aug 2010, 3:58 pm

This was awhile ago, like quite a few months ago, I was on the highway 101 and I was about the pull onto the ramp to take me into Sackville. This ramp not only lets people exit the highway but there are also people who enter the highway from this same ramp. So if you were entering the highway and didn't switch into the highway lane you would end up exiting to another highway. If you don't understand I'll post a picture from Google Maps and show you. Anyway, I had my signal light on and was trying to get in the lane to exit but at the same time another car was in the lane to I was wanting to get into to go out on the highway. I though he was going to pull out too close in front of me or hit my car so I thought I'd let him go first. This car was no more then 5 feet in front of my car but he was on the ramp lane and I was on the highway. I slow down to let him gain speed to get out on the highway but as I slow down he starts slowing down to til we come to almost a complete stop. There's no cars coming. I eventually go a head of him in get in that exit lane. I couldn't go to far a head without getting into the exit or I'll miss the exit. Halfway down the lane theres a sign that says right lane must exit or something like that.

If you live around where I live, you'll know that theres an exit like this that is terrible, there's only 15 feet for people to get off the ramp and for people to get on the ramp! That is when you're getting on the highway 102 from Bedford and and if you exit from the highway it also takes you into Sackville.