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Yesterday, 4:26 pm

Would anyone care to describe their typical day?


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Yesterday, 4:31 pm

I don't think you're going to get very interesting responses during a lockdown :lol: . Most people's lives now just consist of eat, sleep, work, and counting down the days where we can all be free again, if and when that ever happens.

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Yesterday, 5:04 pm

I am one of the fortunate ones that can still go to work.

At the moment a typical day involves joining a half hour 'Teams' meeting first thing then heading out to either carry out initial assessments in children's own homes or carry out monitoring / follow up visits there or in clinics. Most days there is a 'Teams' review or consultation meeting that I need to fit into this at some point. If I am near an NHS office I will do this there, or sometimes I need to do it from the car. I drop into our main office a couple of times a week.

I'm a Specialist Community Nurse working in NHS mental health services for children.

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Yesterday, 5:14 pm

External circumstances are usually better than my internal states.
Still unable to match my intent and my actions.
It mattered an little how peaceful it is or not, still an aspie trapped in a clumsy like unreliable mind and body.

Unscheduled mess. No real routines to speak of. Not even the basics of eating and sleeping.
A lot of boredom.
Even at work, which there isn't a lot of clients -- which is every other day, and the schedule changes.

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Today, 1:39 am

upon the risk of killing the thread
coffee , wp
first round, walk dog, open the henhouse?, check sheep
get to work, sheep related, garden related, maintenance & all sorts of things, etc
@noon; sandwiches
chores, diy or gardening, or just waste the time away without a 'plan'
check on sheep/throughout the day with lambs/walk the dog

essential work :D :D
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the occasional X 8) drives by (hundreds of meters away) masked in their car, that's the real 'believers'
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Today, 4:05 am

I mostly get up early, have coffee then go for a run but am only running on average about twice a week at the moment. Then a shower and more coffee with breakfast. I then spend a lot of time online checking my email etc on the phone and/or PC. I call my friend in Gauteng for a chat, and we will chat again later during the day and before bed. I may play some background music. Then I might watch some of the YouTube videos I downloaded previously or during night shift data sessions. Some days I go shopping for supplies, or have to visit my folks to assist with a few things there. I also visit my sister a lot and play with my young nieces and nephew. The youngest niece has just turned one.

I will also spend some time writing, reworking and editing my books and stories that I'm almost ready to submit.

Not much else happens on a typical day...

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