Sleeve Tattoo Inspired By The Comic Series Bizenghast

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14 Jan 2012, 9:19 pm

I LOVE that comic series to DEATH. The artwork is beautiful, in a creepy kind of way, and everything is nicely detailed. When I'm old enough to get tattoos I plan to get a Bizenghast sleeve tattoo of various pictures from the series: The mausoleum, Dinah in the bone dress she wore in The Sickness, the Mausoleum's symbol, Edaniel, The Hooded Angel, Vincent (have to figure out which pic of him looks best), Bali-Lali, and Dinah Edaniel Vincent and Edrear as a group.
I know I'll need to go to a GOOD tattoo artist to get something as detailed as something from Bizenghast, but I still plan too. It would be on my left arm (right arm for Alice in Wonderland sleeve)
What do you guys think? Since I'm a weird artist I don't think I'd hate my tattoos unless the person doing my tattoos is awful, even when I grow old, because I plan to become a cool Rebel Granny. Yes, I would scare most people in the old folk's home but all of this i planned ~insert evil laugh here~

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14 Jan 2012, 9:55 pm

I love the quote from "White Rabbit" in your signature, and I really love your idea of an Alice in Wonderland sleeve. What do you have planned for that one? Which version of the Alice in Wonderland characters are you going to get (Disney, Burton, American McGee's, Tenniel, or maybe something else)?

I wish I could get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo myself. But since my special interests rarely last longer than a couple of years,, I feel it would be an unwise decision for me. My Alice obsession started back in 2010, so I feel like I'm "living on borrowed time".