Funny anwers to job applications etc

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20 Jun 2012, 3:27 pm

Here are a few answers to job applications etc,demonstrating that it's not just Aspies who can take things literally !

Q: If you could have dinner with someone,dead or alive,who would it be ?
A: Er.. the one who's alive

Q : Nearest relative
A: Five miles

Q : Person to call in event of an emergency
A : An excellent doctor

Q: What is your ultimate goal
A: Archie Gemmill's versus Holland in the World Cup

Q:Previous job
A : Babysitter
Q: Reason for leaving
A: They came home

A customer in a bookshop "I'm looking for a play by Shakespeare"
Q : Which one
A : William

On Family Fortunes
Q : Name a bird with a long neck
A : Naomi Campbell

At the booking office "I'd like a return ticket "
Q : Where to
A : Back to here

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20 Jun 2012, 3:31 pm

Q "Salary Expected"
A: Yes