the internet is very hostile and delay human development

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19 Nov 2012, 2:59 pm

ronpl wrote:
you are talking about the internet as being able to show us what others are or worth i guess. and it isn't really like that. it doesn't allows. it's wear us.

but we need to bare in our heads that the net could have been a place for much deeper ideas from people.

let me give you some example.
news websites are making it pretty hard to comment your ideas at. especially in israel.
they are creating imbalance that prevents us from using the internet for our real advantage.

the simple question is simple; where can one discuss with others over the net? and why it is so difficulty to express opinions on the internet; i mean finding a place for.

because i believe that you can't really share your true self over the net. people are afraid to do so. so they sometimes only open blogs and doing it in a way (writing i mean) that is scared from being different.

hope i made some point here

The internet doesn't prevent anyone from using it to our advantage. People have in depth discussions all over the internet. People share their true selves all over the internet. There is no difficulty whatsoever expressing opinions on the internet. Everyone does it.

The real problem isn't that nobody can use it for the reasons you outlined. The real problem is that there is now virtually unlimited information to sift through to get to that value. It is there, and it is available to all.

It can be very difficult to filter through all the crap to get to it but it's not impossible. Harder for those of us with disabilities that limit our filtering capabilities for sure, but shutting it down would not solve the problem. The problem will still be there in reality, and harder to detect because we wouldn't have the world view we have with it.

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