Question about how traffic laws work out of curiosity.

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12 Nov 2018, 2:06 am

I know they differ from place to place. I live in Canada.

Basically I live in a neighborhood where in order to park my car, I have to drive up to my house and then turn it around and then park on the street.

I like parking in front of my place, cause it's cold in the winter, and I like to plug my car in.

However, when I went to turn the car around and park in front my house, I got stopped by the police telling me it was illegal to make U-turns like that, if I am not in an intersection, and they gave me a warning.

Now I want to respect the traffic laws and not break them. But how am I suppose to park in front of my house if I cannot do turn the car around?

Everyone else on my side of the street is parked in front of their houses, cause not all of us have garages, so are they all just breaking the law too? The street does have a parking lane for people though, on both sides of the street.

So I assume it is legal to park with the car facing that way, if there is as parking lane for it, and everyone else is doing it.

Is there some way around this law that everyone else is doing differently than me or is everyone just breaking the law and that's all their is too it?

What do you think?