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03 Jan 2014, 7:29 am

OK, so I have always found regional dialects of English to be very interesting. For example when reading about the recent ice storm in Ontario, I found it to be incredibly amusing to read that trees had fallen on the "hydro" lines. Really? :o If someone from Toronto was to tell me that their hydro bill was outrageously expensive, my honest first though would be that their water bill was high. Hydro = water.

Likewise I have always thought that the UK word "windscreen" was weird. A screen is designed to let air through. A windscreen is actually a windshield. It shields the wind, not screens it, IMHO. :lol:

So does anyone have some weird regional English words, that sounded funny to you the first time you heard it? I'm especially interested to hear opinions about US English words that sound weird to you.