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17 Jan 2014, 3:56 pm

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding the Babylon civilization. Is it true that Iraqis are Babylonians or atleast accurately genetically connected to them more than any other because they were ruling the country? What ancient civilization are Syrians & Iraqis binded to? Incase there's an answer for that which I hope for.

Also another question:

My mother is from Syria and my Father is from Iraq. As you can see we both are sharing the same genetics just that either one of them is the dominant one. In this situation my fathers genes are the current dominant genes in my body. Where do I come from then? Iraq or Syria? I'm born in Sweden, but I want a answer that is involving genetics, like that I'm biologicaly from Iraq...

Sincerely, Quantum.

Sorry the text is a bit cheesy, I'm to lazy to correct anything.


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18 Jan 2014, 6:20 pm

If your mum is Syrian and your father is Iraqi,
then you are genetically from both Syria and Iraq.

All lands had invaders, and invaders almost always affect genetics.
Before Iraq became a country it was invaded by Persians and Greeks, then by Muslims, Mongols, and the Turks.
Before Syria became a country it was invaded by Persians, Greeks and Romans, then by Muslims, European Crusaders, Arabs and the Turks.

Here are your genetics, from most potent to least potent:
1. Iraqi, Iranian/Persian, Turkish, Syrian. 75-90%
2. Greek, Israeli, Arabic. 5-25%
3. Mongolian, European, Roman. 1-4%


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19 Jan 2014, 1:58 pm

Both Syrians, and Iraqies (except for the Kurds) are for the most part considered "Arab". Both countries speak Arabic.

So you could just call yourself an 'Arab'.