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27 May 2016, 12:24 pm

*sigh* my dad just bribed my sister to sit near me.... *sigh*
My day so far has been kinda bad...

Mostly small stupid little things..
Like me not being able to where a long sleeve shirt (I have anxiety about my wrists thy just look gross I don't even know I'm just self conscious.... I've also had trouble accepting myself for who I am lately with all the bullying going around and this new trend where it makes you 'cool' if you make fun of Autisum and bullying autistic people... No joke it's actually a trend.... Wow I have lost faith in humanity..... Lol but yeah I hope my day gets better and all...
Well that's it..
Thanks for reading!

Ummm.... Hmm what should I put in this 'signature box' hmm... Idk lol guess what by now you read this whole thing you now you realize it's nothing.. Sorry