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17 Aug 2019, 8:17 am

Is cristiano ronaldo technically 'white' or is he mixed race?


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17 Aug 2019, 10:06 am

He is "Latin", but not "Latin American", being from near the mother countries of Latin America in Iberian Europe.

If its important to you to classify him then you would hafta stick him into the "White" pigeonhole.

The Portugese athlete was born in the Island of Medeira in the Atlantic Ocean, and his dad was from Cape Verde Island, also in the Atlantic, also a leftover of the old Portugese Empire. Unlike the Canary Islands (inhabited by natives, related to the Berbers of North Africa when Europeans discovered the place) nobody lived on either Cape Verde nor on Mediera until the Portugese Settled there in the 1400's. So he doesn't SEEM to have any recent nonwhite ancestry.

But many folks from the Portugese islands of the Atlantic have dark skin and a slightly non white look. Even a cute exotic girl I knew from Portugal itself had that look. So maybe WAY back many "White" folks in the Portugal/Brazil sphere of the world have some African ancestry.

An amazing number of musicians come from Cape Verde island. And often they have a racially ambiguous look, as well as a multicultural sound.

Like jazz pianist Horace Silver doing this composition (later ripped off by both Stevie Wonder and by Steely Dan!).
What "race" would you place him in?