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10 Nov 2019, 2:19 pm

Been off the site for probably almost a year, maybe even longer. Had a lot of stuff going on. Actually, there always seems to be a lot going on. Anyway, late last year I put my name in for a govt subsidized handicapped apartment in a nice place. Regular subsidized apartments have a waiting time of 18 months to 2 years to get in, but apparently that doesn't always apply to handicapped apartments, unless they are near a medical facility. This place isn't near a medical place, so I was called less than a month after signing up on the list--in November. They said it would be ready in December, but I could take it at the beginning of January if I needed more time to get ready to move. I did need the time, so I moved in there in January. I love my new apartment, and I pay a lot less than I was paying for the run down trailer I was living in. The trailer served me well, but my bad knees were having too much trouble on the porch stairs, and I had a lot of trouble getting in and out of the tub. My new apartment has no stairs to get in, front or back, and has a step-in shower stall the size of a tub, with grab bars and an adjustable height shower head, with a hose. There are also grab bars by the toilet, and all the doors are wider than usual, to accommodate people in wheel chairs. Because the inside traffic patterns and doors need to be able to accommodate someone in a wheel chair, the rooms are larger than in a regular one bedroom apartment here. My apartment is almost as big as my trailer was. When I moved I left behind a few pieces of furniture I didn't want, but was able to take everything I did want, so that was nice. The arrangement of the rooms in relation to one another is also better here. I have bathroom issues, and the bathroom here is right off the center hall. The center hall is big enough to be a very small bonus room, so it's my home office, and my favorite room in the apartment. The bedroom is very large, and the front room is part full size living room, and part full size kitchen, which is a little bigger than the kitchen in the trailer. The overhead closet shelves are set lower than usual to enable handicapped people to reach them better, and the overhead kitchen cupboards are also set a little lower. There are no cabinets under the sink, so a wheel chair can be pulled right up to it, and the under counter cabinets are set a little above the floor, so the feet of someone in a wheel chair can get in close there, too. Almost all of the walls in the trailer were covered with medium dark fake wood paneling, so it was always kind of gloomy there. All of the walls here are painted off white, so it's only gloomy on cloudy days. I needed a form filled out by my doc to qualify for this apartment, other wise I would have had to wait a long time for a regular apartment. This place is in a nice semi rural town, and the town is near relatives who sometimes come over to help me out, and sometimes take me out on errand runs. Due to health issues I am no longer able to drive, so I do need the help. Moving to a nice place a little closer to them was a help for them, as well as for me. The relative who helps me the most also has friends in this town, and does some of his shopping here, too, so my moving here was a really big help for him. Now he can easily stop by to help me with stuff while running other local errands.

I usually don't like change, and usually need a lot of time to prepare for changes, but I have not really had a problem with my move here, as I really like the apartment, the apartment complex, and the town. It's mostly quiet here, as most of the tenants are older and/or disabled. There are some younger people, and a few kids in the complex, but they are in the minority here.

I moved here at the beginning of January, but due to health issues, I am still in the process of organizing and arranging things here to suit myself. I don't mind the time it's taking, as it gives me something to do on days when I'm feeling up to doing chores. Among those is laundry. Every building here has it's own laundry room, and mine is only 2 doors down from my apartment. Most of the buildings here, including mine, are one-story. There are a few pets, but you have to pay extra for that, and I don't have a pet, so that wasn't an issue for me.

I've missed visiting WP, and will try to "drop in" more often again. :D

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11 Nov 2019, 8:48 pm

Welcome back. :) I remember you, and it’s nice to see you here again. It’s good to hear that your move went well and that you like where you’re living now. I hope you’ll feel well enough to organise soon. It sounds much better for you.

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12 Nov 2019, 12:59 pm

Welcome back to Wrong Planet! :D

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12 Nov 2019, 7:45 pm

Your new apartment sounds wonderful. I am delighted you were able to find something that met your needs and didn't cause too much stress moving in. Great news and hope to hear from from you again.

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