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17 Jun 2018, 1:25 am

OMG....grrr, so I have some pretty bad neighbors in my apartment complex. Basically this teen and her siblings or whatever have kept hanging out like right outside me and my boyfriends back door. A little backstory: The building has 12 units, 2 of the units are much smaller than all the others like half the size if that. These two smaller units one of which me and my boyfriend is renting have sliding glass doors going out to a small patio in the back, surrounding the patio is an entire yard. Essentially people in all the other units aside from the one next to ours have their living room and kitchen on the other side of the building and bedrooms with windows that face the back yard. In me and my boyfriends apartment our living room has the sliding glass door and the kitchen is just feet away and our bedroom has a back yard facing window.

So that is why having kids hanging out right around our sliding glass back door is a problem, we can't just go over to the other side of the apartment to ignore them because our unit does not have the other side every other unit aside from the one like ours that's right next door has. So basically we repeatedly asked these kids and the teen who is sometimes 'watching' them to quit hanging out and playing right outside our door on the patio. Seems reasonable to me, there is a whole yard they can hang out and play in...they don't need to be right outside our door. So we asked repeatedly....but they kept doing it and kept doing it. So finally I sent an email to management about it, then the mom came down knocking on my door I assume after they were contacted about the problem. Asked if there was a problem with her kids and I said 'they keep hanging out right outside my apartment' and she tried to say the yard is common area bla bla bla, but I told her 'they weren't in the yard, they were right outside my door'. She asked if next time I can knock on their door...but they have a dog that does not seem very nice so I am not so sure I am comfortable with that. But now it puts me in a pickle....I don't really want to knock on their door if there are more problems, but I also don't want her angrily knocking on my door if they cause more problems to the extent I have to report it.

I mean I am not the kind of person who calls management on neighbors typically, but me and my boyfriend repeatedly asked and asked them to stop hanging out right next to our door. Also I suspect the neighbor next to us doesn't appreciate them in front of their door either. One time someone going to deliver groceries in their apartment mistaken ours for theirs so we had to tell them it was that one instead...but that they were getting grocery delivery tells me maybe they are kind of a shut in and probably get stressed by people being right outside their door to.

Aside from that though with my PTSD and aspergers sensory issues, having people so close to my apartment like that right outside the door triggers my PTSD symptoms and aggrevates my aspergers sensory issues...making it a living hell to be in my apartment when it happens. So grrr...I guess if they hang out there again I will put aside my worries about the dog and knock on their door and tell the mom to make her kids stop she asked me to and I am not an ass so i feel like I should try to do that. But I am not sure...maybe it would just be safer to report it next time again, but then I might get a very angry knock on the door about having contacted management again instead of knocking on their door.

I didn't think apartment living was so complex.... 8O