Surgical extraction of hope by lawyer

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09 Oct 2019, 6:03 pm

Realizing that neighbor older lady ,socio? Path. Taking advantage of me over many years.personally financially. And etc. Using the supposed non homeless young adults , males has been targeting me , and harassing first directly then using these others . Find out my neighbors on opposite are actually info funnel to ber .According to police sgt. Yes same ones whose granddaughter got 300 out of me.
So looking for another persons office , i went in to there office.To ask if they knew where other office went .And i mention in passing ahout the worthless agreement this womans lawyer gave me ,
" all you want is for them to stop bothering ,no worrying , just drop exparte,and they will stop ."
So obviously they did not. So , lawyers office i walked into by accident. Tells me call them. So week later , i call , they tell me prolly have bigger case .Than exparte .. ask me to call back, she will talk to her boss. Call back, and then they are busy again, she will call me back . They close at 5:00pm now 6 pm .Well that was that . I guess, every lawyer have used for anything serious has done this , give hope thing , then pull it away. ....have facts, been abused tried everyone, everything. Just sit in my late hubbys,late fathers house,he grew up in .And try to maintain health and prepare for next round of this stuff. Left out i had to witness a murder in her backyard in feb.2017 . Lost my hubby to homicide.

WHAT AM I DOING HERE . BTW did get several dishonest lawyers fired from public service in Calif. The one who was the real crook did not get fired . No reply needed.

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