Grange Hill fans - does Roland Browning have Asperger's?

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31 Dec 2018, 1:01 pm

I probably won't get many replies on this, as probably not many members here have watched Grange Hill, but it's worth a try.

I have Grange Hill seasons 5 and 6 on DVD (you can get it online), and if you have watched these seasons you'll know who Roland Browning is. He seems very Aspie to me, but because Asperger's wasn't heard of in the UK back in the 80s, obviously it wasn't mentioned.

He may not be a stereotypical Aspie, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have it. He had trouble settling into comprehensive school socially, was a definite target for bully Gripper Stebson, got exploited, had trouble pushing himself to fit in, kept bunking off school by himself, and the headmistress even said that he's 'young for his age' and 'a difficult child'. They even got him a school counsellor to talk to. Plus he doesn't like change, as his dad said that he couldn't settle into junior school from infants school either.

I know he was overweight and that the other kids might of only picked on him and exclude him because of that, but Pogo Patterson was quite overweight too (especially in his first year) and they picked on him about it too but he still managed to fit in, despite being beaten up by Gripper. But Roland has many social issues that I can relate to as an Aspie. Even as he gets older he still prefers to talk to teachers more than be involved with the other kids (well I've only seen the series up to 9, maybe he changes when he gets to the last year, I don't know).

Oh and by the way I'm only talking about his character in the show, not the boy who plays him.

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