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25 Apr 2010, 12:28 am

1. My name is Mathew, with one t. My mom had always liked the name Matthew, but at the same time she wanted to be unique, hence the spelling.

2. I spent two and a half years in a special ed preschool due to my speech impairment stemmed from autism. This caused me to start kindergarten a year later than I should have (I started kindergarten at age six). Had I started kindergarten at the year I was supposed to, I would have graduated from high school last year instead of this year.

3. The very first movie I remember going to see was The Lion King (1994). I was about three and my mom took me to see it.

4. I have two older half-siblings and one younger sister. My dad was married to another woman and had two kids with her; then he divorced her and a few years later married my mom and had me and my little sister.

5. I am left-handed.

6. I broke my left arm in kindergarten, just weeks after my cousin broke his arm. It's even more funny because my cousin was born only a few weeks before I was born. In the 6th grade I fractured my left foot.

7. The only states I have ever visited were Oklahoma and Georgia. I have driven through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, but I don't know if they would count as states I have been to.

8. The best accents I can mimic are Southern and British accents. However, I find that I can easily pronounce a foreign language provided I listen to enough people speak it.

9. Puedo hablar un poco español (I can speak a little Spanish).

10. I got my left ear pierced at age 13. I don't even wear anything in it anymore, there's just a hole in my ear now. I got a tattoo of Jack Skellington on my left forearm on the day after Christmas last year.

Now let's see some other people's ten facts. :)

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25 Apr 2010, 1:02 am

I created a thread like this YEARS ago when I first joined WP

I have a Youtube account and go by NightHawk877 there. I play my trumpet to popular songs I like.

I have been a trumpet player since 2002.

If I could change my username, I would use NightHawk877 as it reflects my personality better.

I got the banhammer at another forum for creating this thread. Stupid mod. I was so glad when he got banned.

I have a burning hatred for anything related to Apple. Long story behind it.

I have been a GNU/Linux user for almost two years. Ubuntu is the only distro that I use.

I am very disappointed where our country and music industry are going.

I am a big fan of a Christian rock ban called Downhere. They aren't well known, but they are good.

I was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 5.

I am currently a student at Northwest Vista, a community college in San Antonio where I live and am majoring in computer science. I will then transfer to Abilene Christian University and complete the major.

Music is my gateway to freedom. My instrument of choice is the trumpet.


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25 Apr 2010, 2:51 am

1. I'm Catholic, and I've been a member of the Church since I was 12.

2. I used to have buck teeth, but they got corrected with surgery and braces. I only had to wear the braces for 6 months.

3. When I was 3 years old, I choked on a rootbeer barrel candy. I was so terrified of choking again that I refused to eat solid food for an entire year afterwards. The food that got me back on solids again was my Nana's homemade jello cake.

4. I have 6 nieces and nephews, 3 girls and 3 boys.

5. The first techno song I ever heard was "Heaven" by DJ Sammy. Techno is my favorite genre of music.

6. Nearly every night, I dream about going to a highly-stylized version of one of my former schools. In these dreams, I'm usually either lost and looking for the counselor, at recess, or skipping art class to go to the mall.

7. My favorite drink is Cranberry Apple flavored Crystal Light.

8. I post on WP more than I update my Facebook.

9. I typically go to bed at 2 AM and wake up between 10 AM and noon.

10. My least favorite Johnny Depp movie is Public Enemies.

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25 Apr 2010, 5:00 am

1. I am currently listening to muse
2. I like drawing and doodling
3. I am somewhat addicted to this site and talk about it loads IRL.
4. My favourite film is Avatar
5. I am left-handed
6. I am an atheist but I like the imagery and ideas of pagan religions
7. I have a mannequin in my room
8. My other favourite site apart from WP is somethingawful
9. I like reading
10. I have hazel eyes

What film do atheists watch on Christmas?
Coincidence on 34th street.


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25 Apr 2010, 5:51 am

1. I'm a really big fan of The Kinks, and I have been, my whole life. Mick Avory, the drummer is my favourite member, and he's the Kink that I look like.

2. I like to spend an evening at home, posting here on WP, using my Wii. That's the only reason that I bought my Wii.

3. Summer is my favourite season. The warm summer sunshine, and swimming reminds me of the first time that I've ever watched the Olympics, at the age of 9, back in 1984.

4. I'm the largest person in my family. I'm as tall as my Dad, who's 5ft 8, and 145 lbs. I'm 5ft 8 and 250 lbs. My Mum's 165 lbs.

5. I don't really care to watch TV. There isn't anything on TV that I really like, these days. It's all over sexualized.

6. Victoria Day is my favourite holiday. I've found that Christmas isn't all that it's cracked up to be, last December.

7. My favourite colours, are the colours of the Union Jack.

8. I need to wear protective underpants. Do you think that the rectum, as a hole should be looked into? My favourite band recorded a song about the subject. Mick Avory's Underpants.

9. I'm a very sensitive person, and I cry easily. I think with my soft heart, instead of my head.

10. My two favourite songs, are 'Tired of Waiting For You' and 'Such a Shame' both recorded by The Kinks, in 1965, which is my favourite year.




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25 Apr 2010, 9:10 am

1. I'm Valoy only for trusted people. For others I'm Katja or Kasia (Kashya). Thank God I'm not Helga, but my Mum had this sick idea to give me this beautiful name.
2. Sometimes I believe my surname is Spellit.
3. I'm tall and strong girl
4. My favourite genre of music is Neue Deutsche Härte what's kind of Gotik/Industri. Ofc I love other genres too. Music is my life.
5. My voice is deep contralto. I can speak very loud. It's hard to find other girl with the same voice. But I sang some soprano parts in the choir.
6. My favourite subjects were: Math, English (foreign for me), Art and Political Sciences
7. I hated PE lessons, but I love to swim. Generally I love water.
8. I live close to sea and some lakes :D
9. I want to know how people work, with every details, and use this knowledge
10. I find most people in my age stupid. I don't like laughing, squeezing and parties with a lot of alcohol.

Change Your Frequency, when you're talking to me!
Das gehört verboten! size does matter after all
My Industrial Love:


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25 Apr 2010, 11:58 am

1. My mission is to watch all of IMDb's top 250 movies. I've seen over 80 so far. The last one I watched was "The Thing."
2. My favorite video game is Rock Band. Since I play real drums, I rarely do those in the game, I mostly do guitar.
3. I'm actually diagnosed w/ NLD, but I consider myself an aspie. If there is a difference between the two, I think I fit AS better anyway.
4. Songs I've learned to drum recently include Under the Bridge and Everlong.
5. I learn a lot in school, but I have trouble doing schoolwork. Last year I failed two classes but got As on both finals.
6. However, I never have trouble in math. I'm one of only three students at my school taking calculus, and the other two are seniors. (I'm a junior)
7. Check out my electronics project from last year:
8. I've been on 5 of the 10 fastest roller coasters in the world, which happen to also be the 5 fastest in the U.S.
9. My random celebrity connection is that my uncle was a friend of Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) in school.
10. I do almost everything right handed, but I usually shoot in basketball with my left hand. I'm convinced I'm more accurate that way.



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25 Apr 2010, 1:37 pm

1. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was 13 years old. When I was a six-year-old a woman asked my mum whether I was autistic.

2. I live in the middle of Sweden.

3. People think that I'm very socially disabled, and I was bullied by teachers because of that.

4. My best friend is my cat.

5. My hair is blonde and shoulder-length.

6. I tend to do the nails when I'm anxious.

7. I have never liked music.

8. When I'm happy I get very brave. When I'm sad I do not even dare to go outside.

9. I have got a very friendly woman teacher who gave me a computer, because she understood that it would be good for me having one.

10. I love being in my bedroom where I use to read books.

Best regards,


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25 Apr 2010, 4:21 pm

I loved reading this thread!

1. I like swords. One's in the states, and It's an antique from the civil war.

2. I go to a school for missionaries, but I'm not a missionary. It's interesting, because the environment is so clean. No one swears, no one bullies, no one has sex or makes out. We're all quiet and respectful during class. I used to hate it, but now I think it's actually rather a privilege to be able to live such an innocent lifestyle. And the general population of our teeny school is smarter than average.

3. I moved to Turkey when I was 10. Before I used to live in Washington state, and had a huge yard I'd spent as much time as possible in, and I was overly obsessed with reptiles until I turned around 13.

4. One of my favourite songs ever is "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo.

5. I have a phobia of veins/blood vessels. They disgust me. And I have a hard time doing some things, like using my wrist-rocket slingshot, because the wrist band touches a large vein. I hyperventilate and cry whenever I get my blood taken, or an IV. And once, I cut one in my thumb, in that crease where your finger folds (creases [under the knees, elbows, throat, wrist, fingers] are the worst spots ever, they scare me the most), when I was opening a can of corned pork. I got so freaked out I passed out cold while standing up.

6. I like cars a lot. I have 10 little cars in my room. One's a nitro RC monster truck, because I love RC.

7. I met my best friend through my parents. Her parents and mine used to be best friends, and still are. We intend to make sure our children become best friends.

8. I can draw well. I'm not good at learning new techniques, but I can draw mind images pretty well. Cars, animals, and people are probably what I draw best.

9. I used to play guitar, but never got very good. I have an electric guitar and an acoustic. Both are black. I intend to take it up again, and get good, some day.

10. I don't know if I have AS. I would like to find out. If I do, it might be hard to diagnose since I've picked up enough social skills to pass for normal (as long as the social phobia isn't kicked in). I think that's because I love psychology, and pay too much attention to how people behave.


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25 Apr 2010, 6:50 pm

1. I'm an eliminative materialist - I suspect that propositional attitudes (beliefs, desires, fears, hopes), pains, sensations, emotions, and the other states which consitute commonsense psychology, probably don't exist.

2. I'm broadly utilitarian, although I try not to stick too obsessively to any principle (I usually fail at this, though).

3. I live in Britain, and was born in Britain, as were my parents. However, I don't consider myself British. I don't define anybody by the country of their (or their ancestors') birth.

4. I really, really, really want to have sex with somebody.

5. I agree with the social conservatives that the current mainstream attitudes to sex are morally wrong - but for me it's because of the various ways people avoid sex, rather than because it's happening too much (it isn't happening nearly enough).

6. I've been to Spain, Norway, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. None of these places impressed me, and these days I'm extremely paranoid about travelling.

7. I have panic disorder. At its worst, I was getting 3-4 hour panic attacks daily.

8. Since I believe that playing an instrument simply involves using an instrument to create sound, I can play every instrument, and so can most other people. However, I've learnt to play the didgeridoo, guitar, and ukulele according to conventional standards.

9. I'm right-handed, but I do the most fun activity that requires a hand with my left (the computer mouse is on the right).

10. I love Frank Zappa.

"There is no idea, however ancient and absurd, that is not capable of improving our knowledge."


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25 Apr 2010, 7:29 pm

1. My first name contains three vowels and only one consonant.

2. I worry about my privacy, perhaps too much (then again, I'm not sure it is possible to overworry about privacy, because I think privacy is a very important thing).

3. My posture is terrible, and so my back aches a bit.

4. I don't believe there is such a thing as pop music.

5. I play electric bass in a band, playing a kind of music I do not enjoy. But I like the people with whom I play.

6. I own a twelve-string acoustic guitar, and several harmonicas, but I don't really play them so much as I would like, for fear of causing too much noise (the wall separating myself from my neighbour seems as though it is made of paper).

7. My favourite book is called Consider the Lilies. Nothing much happens in it.

8. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, so far as I am aware, the world of professional wrestling has a convoluted social structure to it, and so I don't think any person with autism would be able to handle it there. (In addition, I can't seem to put on any significant amount of muscle mass, so I would never make it too far anyway)

9. I am an inefficient programmer.

10. I admire Willie McTell (the man from whom I stole my username here) because he was somebody who, despite being saddled with a disability, lived a 'good' life because of a special skill which he possessed.


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25 Apr 2010, 9:38 pm

1. I'm studying music at the postgraduate level.

2. I enjoy finding the prime factors of numbers.

3. If I'm anxious and trying to sleep, I perform number operations in my head such as working out numbers of the Fibonacci series, calculating powers of 2, or taking a large number and calculating its prime factors.

4. I like to make lists of words for different things, such as different polygons or polyhedra.

5. I like both cats and dogs.

6. If my life was reset and I was given the choice of whether or not to live again, I'm really not sure which choice I'd take.

7. I'm envious of goldfish.

8. I collect rocks.

9. I play Pokemon. My favourite generation of games is the R/B/Y because of the glitches.

10. I like trains.

Music Theory 101: Cadences.
Authentic cadence: V-I
Plagal cadence: IV-I
Deceptive cadence: V- ANYTHING BUT I ! !! !
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25 Apr 2010, 11:48 pm

1. I am a mother to a very smart and entertaining 10 year-old girl.
2.I am a Veteran of the US Air Force, and I spent 12 years on active duty.
3. I have enjoyed art since I was a little kid, and now I am a professional artist.
4. I taught myself how to sew on a sewing machine a couple of years ago, and now I make clothing for dolls.
5. I love computers. I have 4 right now, and I am about to buy a fifth one. I love Linux, Mac OSX. and I tolerate Windows XP (refuse to use Vista or 7).
6. I have a lot of cats because I rescue strays and take care of feral cats and neighbors' cats that come by the house. We have 23 kittens right now. Two were just dropped off by our house last week and the others were born to the stray/feral moms we hadn't gotten spayed yet.
7. I have a wild dog I found in the woods a couple years ago. She doesn't act wild with me or my family, but she will eat strangers for breakfast and poop them out after lunch.
8. I use my right hand to write and my left for anything that requires strength. If I write with my left hand the writing comes out completely backwards like Leonardo Davinci's journals (he sis it on purpose though.)
9. I have 3 tattoos
10. I have red hair


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26 Apr 2010, 8:34 am

Oh, I can do that backwards thing, too! But I think only when I'm also writing with my right hand


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26 Apr 2010, 12:00 pm

1) I´ve been depressed for one year and a half now, so I stay most of my time at home. :(
2) I have been kicked out of the economics college. :(
3) I only decided to study economics because my parents told me to do so.
4) I don´t intent to return to the economics college I plan to study physics, and I am excited about that.
5) I had only one job for 2 months, even tough I was a good student. That is one of the reasons I plan to change my career.
6) I like the bands Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, The Who, and Megadeth.
7) My favorite movie is Star Wars: Episode VI the Return of the Jedi.
8 ) I am shy but with my friends I talk a lot.
9) I used to go out a lot when I was fine.
10) I have an autographed picture of Jeremy Bulloch the actor who played Boba Fett in Star Wars episodes V and VI. :)

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