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10 Jul 2019, 11:13 am

Today Mum and I took Mitsi and we went off for a little adventure. We ended up driving through a hidden little village which was beautiful. It was a mix of old and new but all done in such a way that they compliment eachnother, and the way the little villages was laid out was a delight to see.
Then we headed to the coast where we spent a little time by an abandoned village called Hortin (Various ways to spell it.. Hawtin, Hawton etc) which was a village claimed by the sea in the 1607 tsunami in Wales, UK. A few remains have been unearthed over the last few years. Many of the stones on the beach are the remains of the old village. Local legend said that some of it was rebuilt but then abandoned during storms somewhere in the 1700's when the villagers finally abandoned it and went to live on the hill above. The official theory was it was just a few fishermens houses but if one visits the area and looks for onesself, it soon becomes clear there was a lot more there then they claim. The main reason for this downplay is due to future plans for the area for its holiday potential along with the railway having been built right on top of some of the village remains.It was once a very important area as it was not far from a convenient crossing point where boats would be used to help any travellers cross the estuary, and there was a second similar ferry crossing point around the corner to cross the next river as three rivers all meet to form one large tidal estuary, along with a fourth smaller river nearby.

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