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15 Aug 2019, 1:56 pm

Hi everyone, I'd like to talk to you about recognizing potential friends, whether its in a social meeting or some dancing event or whatever really. It can be anything, I was just giving examples now. To be honest, it can be in the most unlikely places you can ever think of, even a toilet, no joke.
Well, you see... I always have kinda had a good, well developed ability to be able to recognize who can potentially be my friend or not. This recognition to me happens very fast, I can do it in a matter of seconds of seeing that person for the first time. They can just pass by me, or maybe stare at me for a few seconds and then walk away, and that would be enough to me to find out whether they can be my friend or not.
Sometimes, I can even recognize a potential friend just by seeing a photo of him / her. However, I try not to use my recognition of potential friends in that way, because just by looking at a photo of someone doesnt mean you can immediately reach a full, conclusive and final decision about whether they can be a potential friend for you or not. But, it can give a general idea, but not more than that.
If I recognize the person as a potential friend, I then move on to the second step, third step, and so on.
The second step, after the first step ( the first step was to recognize whether they can be a potential friend or not, of course), the second step is to start a very short and friendly conversation. Normally, I dont do that with a stranger I meet on the street, but I try to find a more comfortable place or situation to do that in.
If the other person doesnt show any interest, I also start to lose my own interest in them pretty quickly. Thats because, I realized no matter how hard you try, and the other person doesnt seem to be interested - it'd be impossible or nearly impossible to change their mind. Especially if they decided they're not interested right on the spot, instead of expressing that decision after a few days of you being friends and hanging out, or going on a date in the case of a boyfriend or girlfriend.
I think thats how it has been for me all the time and it hasnt really changed over time either.
I was hoping if people here can please share what they think about all this, and if you possibly have a story to share as well, with similar conclusions or situations like mine.
Thank you

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