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14 Jul 2019, 1:50 pm

Or, what did you cook today?

I'm making my regular batch of homemade burritos. I make ten at a time and freeze them. I take one to work, cut it in half and that's my lunch each day during the workweek. Always the same lunch during the work week. The batch lasts me for five weeks of work lunches.

I use dry organic pinto beans and cook them in the pressure cooker.
Sauteed onions
Homemade spice blend of cumin, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and thyme.
Ground homemade seitan (google it) made from dry whole wheat berries.
Large flour tortillas. While I've made tortillas from scratch in the past, these are store bought (organic).
Vegan spicy pepper cheese.

While the batch is vegan, I'm not. That doesn't stop me from cooking vegetarian or vegan as well as eating meat.

I used to go to the store to bring something back for lunch each day at a cost of approximately $8. That's close to $1,500 per year. Making my own lunches as above easily saves me over $1,000.

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