What Video games do you like (and/or play) and why?

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What video games do you like and/or play?
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other (please specify) 100%  100%  [ 3 ]
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Pterodactyl Pete
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15 Aug 2019, 7:24 pm

What video games do you like/play?

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Pileated woodpecker

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15 Aug 2019, 7:25 pm

I like The Yakuza games

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16 Aug 2019, 9:25 am

None now. I don't want to get into any time wasting games.

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16 Aug 2019, 11:56 am

I have a lot of responsibilites now, I'm a busy adult and I dont play any video games frequently. However, there's one video game I used to play for many years, and still play it from time to time. Its called Maple Story.
Well, you see... Maple Story is an MMORPG, but its special in that it features a relatively simple gameplay and you can easily get used to it. It uses a side-scrolling platform game mechanics, so it can feel relatively simple to play and easy to learn.
Its a game I started playing since about 12 years ago, so I'm very used to playing this game and have complete control over my playing time and thats why I never stopped playing it completely up to this day. I can integrate it into my life without letting the game take over my life or make me feel guilty of myself playing it ever. Its like a gift from heaven to me, this game.
The current game changed a lot, so I play an older version of the game back when it was at its best. Its called pre-bigbang - (big bang was a game update to Maple Story which had changed almost everything about the game, and these changes were bad and made the game not enjoyable to a lot of people).
Maple Story is relatively well known online game, so maybe people here on WrongPlanet have atleast heard of it, even if you havent played it before.
There are so many other video games I want to try, but I just decided not to try any new games because I fear I would become addicted and feel guilty by playing them too much and wasting too much time on these games.
Video games have always been, in some way, associated or connected with children, so some people consider video games as a waste of time when you become an adult. I, obviously, disagree with that perspective.

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16 Aug 2019, 12:37 pm

I’m a casual gamer to be honest. I love DDR, any fighting game, Candy Crush, Nintendogs, Style Savvy, Pokemon and Cooking Mama. I really don’t have patience and the right skills for Call of Duty and Final Fantasy. The Hatsune Miku games are my favorite.

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16 Aug 2019, 3:35 pm

Skyrim, Alice in Wonderland: Madness Returns, DeathSpank(played through first one but there's sequels), Dragon Age Inquisition. For Now.

I am going to be getting an Xbox One X today hopefully...and so I am sure I will end up playing more games.

I also play league of legends for a few years now, and have been playing some WoW lately....I am quite new to that one, but I enjoy it some, not enough to continue paying for more time every time I run out but I am sure I will want to from time to time to play my characters. Honestly to me the worst part of WoW is that its computer only...doesn't bother me at all with league but I prefer open world games on the console.

IDK why exactly, I just enjoy playing video games....and beings I like a lot of fantasy and sci-fi in general I usually gravitate towards that sort of genre in video games as well. I also very much prefer slash and hack kind of games with a 3rd person view....first person makes me nauseous and I don't find turn based combat fun. So things like Call of Duty or Final Fantasy don't appeal to me.

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16 Aug 2019, 3:45 pm

I have a massive collection of FPS games. These include obvious classics like Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor, Half Life, Halo, etc, but dozens of lesser known ones too. In addition, I've got hundreds of Doom wads, and have played at least 20 Megawads in the last couple of years. I've also got most of the Doom mods.

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