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19 Nov 2007, 5:54 pm

Ok the advantage of a tooth ach is a poor response to the thread Advantage of being single in the love and dating forum. So I have come up with a more exciting. I created this post not because of jealousy of my workmates SLK, and even if it was the case, I wouldn’t be admitting it to yous.

The advance of a Citreon ZX over Mercedes SLK.

Which unlike the advantage of being single is actually logical.

Lets start with costs
Initial cost of the SLK is very high so is the depreciation. You buy it high, you end up selling it much cheaper. With an Citroen ZX, depreciation is about the same as a cheap ipod.

If an SLK goes wrong in a bad way, or you end up writing it off, you are stuck with the expensive bill. If something nasty happens to th XZ, you can say f**k this and chuck it in the brable bushes.

If you worry about your Mercedes getting damaged or stolen more then I do of my XZ, then you are not rich enough to make life free from worry, in regard to finance.

The ZX uses half the amount of gasoline as the SLK

The ZX has better turning capabilities then the SLK, thanks to it passive rear steer.

ZX suspension is top notch it. It was design for the rough French roads. Though it hasn’t got computer controlled hydromantic suspension like bigger Citroens, it has much better suspension then an SLK. SLK probably needs stiff suspension to handle being driven like sports car. Seating comfort is about the same though the SLK has.

Practability Have you tried to do a car boot sale in an SLK.

I am sick of this, I want to go to bed.