Any Aspies out there obsessed with stamps? (1880s-1990s)

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14 Feb 2008, 5:34 pm

I received a carton of stamps a few years ago from a woman who passed away. I've just started digging through them, and I need help identifying some of them, and also to determine their values. Any help you can give whatsoever would be good; eight cubic feet of stamps is not fun to sort through for someone who doesn't really have an interest.

I'm also thinking of blowing up some of the stamps to poster size and selling them over hte internet as pop art. Would you buy them? Do you think they'd be popular?

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15 Feb 2008, 2:31 am

My husband collects stamps (but does not hang out on WP).

He has his Stamp Catalogues he uses to identify/assess value.

Can you borrow a Stamp Catalogue from a library? Or buy a Stamp Catalogue off e-bay?

By the way, my husband collects British Colonial African stamps - so if you find any you might have a buyer!

Re blowing them up for pop art ... wouldn't have a clue if they'd sell or not.



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15 Feb 2008, 1:20 pm

That's interesting. I do not collect stamps myself but I do have a book full of them from a family member that was into it when young (not anymore) so he left it to me.

Lots of really old stamps.. from 1960 down to pre-world war 1 era.

Can you ask your husband if theres any URL for the stamp catalogue? Im sure that nowadays there has to be an online site with the same info as the book he has.