I had to flee the country! (Poem)

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20 Jul 2015, 10:14 pm

America is not what it was.
After more than 200 years,
The politics change once more.
A new royal house has come!
Pomp and cirumstance rule the day
as small-r republicanism fades.

I could not stand it. I had to leave!
I saw what awaited American
When I checked: The name of the
New royal house! I am sore.
What a shame to be an American
It was, and will be forever more.

The new king and queen have arrived!
They are ready to sit on their thrones.
The White House was refurbished,
As well as expanded. It is now called
The White Palace! A place of wonder!
They say. But I am not pleased.

I have seen the end of the republic,
Where everyone born could
Grow up to be President, they could!
But the names of the king and queen
Aside, it is the new royal house,
Which is the House of Kardashian!

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