Is time or relationships ever exact?

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27 Jan 2009, 5:09 pm

Say if you ask someone the time they say 1:02 and you ask someone else n the time is like 1:03 well how would you know whats really the correct time?

and as for relationships.. i just figured out something.. you know when you count how long your dating someone for say like 7 months... but when people count by months its 7 and a half and you count by weeks and its like 8 months.. its really irritated me now coz ive been with my boyfriend 9 months and people are saying its 8 and a half months because they are counting by months and not weeks, but ive counted by weeks and its 9 months how am i supposed to know which is exact, i asked my mum and showed her the way i counted it and she said the way i do it is the precise way but everyone else does it diffferent way

so how are we supposed to know which is ever the exact month or time??

grr so frustrated

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