Hubby likes my direct communication style

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18 Dec 2016, 2:48 am

My dear one often tells me he likes how he never has to guess what I'm thinking or feeling. He likes how different I am from more typical women in this respect.

I realize this is an Aspie trait that can be helpful in relationships, especially with guys. I read a few things on the Internet about relationships with Aspie women, and all of them pointed out that you need to be very direct with Aspie women because that is how they communicate. It's true. We can't read or figure out tons of subtle social cues ourselves, so naturally we don't exhibit them, either. We need things clear and obvious.

Sometimes though I don't always get his sarcasm because I take things so literally. But he takes the time to explain when I don't understand.

How has your direct communication style been taken? There are other contexts where my bluntness has gotten me in lots of trouble. Strengths can become weaknesses in different contexts, of course, and vice versa. But with my guy, it's generally been a strength, and appreciated.