Does anybody else have problems with passing messages?

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31 Mar 2010, 6:42 pm

I broke a tooth tonight, and called my dentist at home rather than waiting until the morning and dealing with his receptionists. I don't really trust them to give him my messages, because they have not in the past... but I got to thinking about it, and in almost any situation, if I have something to tell somebody, I'd rather talk directly to them. When I call my doctor's office, I give them the bare minimum as to what is wrong and ask them to have the doctor call back and go more in depth with him or his nurse.

I think it's because people can word things differently to make it not as important, or can forget things when it comes to passing along messages, or it just doesn't get heard right. I'd rather just tell the person myself-that way I know they heard everything the way I intended it rather than worrying about miscommunication problems.

I know that a lot of non-asd people are like this too, but I think I'm a bit more extreme about it. Most people I know, while they don't like leaving messages with others, will do it anyway. But I just won't... like, tonight I called my dentist's number he has on the machine at his office, and will call them in the office in the morning to schedule an appointment, but I just don't deal much with the receptionists aside from that.

I do the same thing with people-I won't leave much of a message on answering machines, or with the person who picks up the phone... I will wait until I get ahold of the person I'm intending my message to get to.

Sorry about the incredibly long post...

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31 Mar 2010, 6:44 pm

I hate leaving messages. I leave them if I have to.


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31 Mar 2010, 11:22 pm

I generally prefer to leave messages than a direct call to someone I don't know, but phone-tag gets tedious and direct communication becomes necessary.

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