Do those symptoms fit in the 2nd DSM-V criteria?

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10 Dec 2010, 12:48 pm

2nd Autistic Disorder DSM-V criteria:

2. Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, and activities, as manifested by at least TWO of the following:

a. Stereotyped motor or verbal behaviors, or unusual sensory behaviors

b. Excessive adherence to routines and ritualized patterns of behavior

c. Restricted, fixated interests

Special interests:
I was interested in science (scientific book reading in particular) since a very young age (4-5). I stayed focused on astronomy, very often on the solar system planet specification. (surface temperature, etc etc) I also remember myself gathering information on car names (Always asked my dad how 'this car' is called) and various minerals/stones (asking how long ago those minerals were possibly formed, their name, and other specification).
I also remember myself focusing on how rocket engines work and their specifications.
I was obsessed with things until I learned everything I could about them.
When I'm obsessed (as I always am) I spend all of my spare time on my special interests. When I was obsessed with bicycle riding, I spent 17 hours a day outside, riding my bicycle alone.
Right now, I spend 17-18 hours a day (I'm on holidays) on computer. People often ask me if I'm even human because of this.

Sensory abnormalities:
I can't stand the cloth scratching sound, which mostly occurs when walking with pants made out of some material. I also can't stand some sensations, such as touching cotton clothes. Those sensations make me cringe and can make me scream and roll on the floor if done for long enough.
I also can't stand crowds and noises from them, I have an impression of something punching me in my head every few seconds when I'm in crowds. I also get extremely anxious from the noise and movement. The crowd seems like a huge body moving onto me from all sides, which frightens me. I had panic attacks several times because of it.

Motor abnormalities:
I don't move my hands when I walk. People make fun of me for it. I'm also very clumsy and am very bad at sports. The only sport I'm somewhat good at is bicycle riding, because it doesn't really require any detailed body movements.

I'm very picky on food. I can't stand eggs, meat and fish, as well as white cheese. One exception is bacon.

I cried when I went to my grandmother's town to my parent's town or from my parent's town to my grandmother's town on train, though, due to the fact that I didn't want to go away from the present conditions. I also spend all my day (when on holidays) on my special interests. I don't know if it can clarify as a specialized routine.

So, do those symptoms fit in the 2nd criteria?


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10 Dec 2010, 12:56 pm

HEH! I was thinking of posting something very similar, but we are not doctors. Are these things adversely affecting your life is another question you should consider.

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