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28 Mar 2011, 1:40 am

Hello everyone,
I am so glad I found this site! We are currently awaiting the results of the school testing for my 3 year old son who the doctors suspect have autism. I am hoping some of you will be able to answer some questions I have.

1. My son always takes off his clothes which is a big problem because he is not potty trained. Currently, we put him in 3t footy pjs with a shirt over top. My concern is that the fleece jammies, while soft outside, are really quite pilly and just not comfortable feeling inside to me. I don't want to make him run around all day in pjs that I myself would not want to be wearing and I don't have any sort of heightened feeling like I have recently read he may have. Does anyone know what would be hard for him to get off but still feel comfortable. I am hoping some of you adults can give me more insight as to what fabrics/ materials feel better. P.S. I am more than willing to sew something up for him if I have to.

2. He has grown very attached to a specific pair of boxers that I bought my husband. They are very soft and somewhat stretchy. I have sewn up 3 different material blankets for him but he still persists that he must have the boxers. Do you think it is just the fabric (that I can't find anywhere) he loves or would it also be the design/ pattern that he is attached to as well. I don't want to send him to school with a pair of boxers for a blanket. Today, I had to wash them and he threw a fit and started hitting himself in the head. I thought I was being smart and cut them in half so that he could have on half while I washed the other half. I felt so bad because now he tries to smoosh them back together. So now he has a pair of underwear that are tied back together for a blanket :oops:

3. What am I supposed to do about his meltdowns. He hurts both himself and others, I thought it was under control because he used to just scream and throw himself down. I am becoming concerned because he seems to lack the ability to realize that if he throws himself down onto his toy truck he will get a boo boo. Or if he bites mom, that hurts her. Or, If I get mad at mom I can hit my twin brother in the head for it. Honestly I have swatted his butt in the past before I became aware he may have autism and he doesn't get it. He looks at me and starts hitting himself too! Time out isn't an option either because I can tell he just doesn't understand, I feel so bad, I just want to be able to help him understand. More importantly I want to be able to help him work through these things so that he doesn't feel so angry. I can't comfort him or hold him when he gets upset (he pulls away or hits me) and I want to be able to be there for him.

4. His neurologist office called us about a recent mri that indicated he had "abnormal activity in the white matter of his brain" Can anyone give some insight? Does this occur in autism? We are going through the waiting game over here and don't even see the doc to discuss the results for another 2 weeks.

5. At three months old, he just fell off the growth chart and he used to eat mounds and mounds off food so it never made sense that he was so tiny in weight and height. More recently he has developed a disliking for most foods and seems quite content throwing his food or smearing it all over rather than eating it which is worrying me. We have been to too many specialists to recall over it, and it worries me because we are on wic and they have put him on high risk. We have to take him into them periodically to be weighed, I just don't know what they are going to do because he was so tiny when he ate like a man now that he doesn't eat much I'm scared to see what his weight will do. Is this something that has been linked to autism or do you think that we are dealing with a seperate medical condition?

Thank you all so much in advance!