Good place for weighted blankets, etc.?

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Blue Thunder
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18 Aug 2018, 8:39 pm

I need to find a weighted blanket and noise cancelling headphones at a reasonable price to help me out. Are there other things people use to feel more centered? A hammock indoors? What about those enclosed swings used for those with autism? If I can get one indoors for a 200 pound person that would be helpful.

Blue Jay
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19 Aug 2018, 2:01 am

I think most of the stuff is probably for kids, but I'd check out

Snowy Owl
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19 Aug 2018, 2:33 am

With regard to the weighted blanket I'm right there with you. I'm on the hunt for one too. I don't have any ideas for the other items.

If you search Amazon for "weighted blankets for adults" they actually do have quite a selection. Price varies from around $50 to well over $100. Some of them are warm and some are filled with tiny glass beads to stay cool. Some come with the washable duvet cover (again, some are meant to stay cool like bamboo fiber instead of cotton) and some you have to purchase the cover. It's dizzying.

I'm going for best rated with the most reviews and not as much by price, even though they really are horrendously expensive for blankets. Sometimes you can score a deal on a cheap item and sometimes you just end up with a shoddy product that does you no good, so it might be best not to jump at the lowest price.

You probably want one that's 25 lbs. and 60" x 80" for your size.

Good luck. :)

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19 Aug 2018, 7:26 am

Hi blue thunder,

Hearing protection might definitely help you feel more centered. Too much visible sensory input can be eliminated by closing your eyes. As I can't shut my ears, good hearing protection is my most important tool in creating my own comfortable sensory bubble.

I would also like a pair of noise cancelling headphones, but good ones cost hundreds of dollars.
Far more effective is a good pair of earmuffs.
I strongly recommend the 3m peltor X5A. These have the highest possible NRR of 36 or 37dB, are affordable at +-30 dollar, and are easily available in stores/online. I also like the evenly distributed mild pressure on my head. It's very comfortable and comforting in my opinion.
People might be hesitant to make contact with you while wearing earmuffs. This may or may not be a desired effect.

In public I use custom molded musician earplugs, as they aren't as obvious. I can still perfectly communicate but it takes the painful edge and imminent feeling of panic off of passing motorcyclists, emergency vehicles with sirens...

Don't use sensory dampening stuff 24/7. U WILL get used to it. This self created addiction might make it impossible to go about without it. I experienced this first hand. Try to pause the use of them every now and then!

Hope this was of some help.
(I'm still in search of an affordable weighed blanket so can't help you with that).

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19 Aug 2018, 7:42 am

Hi, I have a weighted blanket. I don’t really think it does much. My Wife got it for me for Christmas. I don’t think I would recommend one because there very expensive.

I would recommend a white noise machine. There awesome. She ordered me one from Target.


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19 Aug 2018, 8:41 am

If you use a Duvet on you bed why not try a normal blanket over the top, tucked in at one side (in my case the side against the wall) and either draped over/down or tucked into the side you climb in/out from.

I did that for years without realising I was creating a sort of weighted blanket.