Defining an "aspie problem" v a "people probl

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21 Jan 2012, 8:20 pm

I see a lot of threads on this board along the lines of "I/someone I know has a problem with x due to my/their AS". I relate to a great many of these posts. However, with many of them I find myself wondering whether the problems are specific to AS or more general to the human condition as a whole. It is possible that I fall on the spectrum somewhere myself (undiagnosed) so it may just be that I have some blind spots and am finding it hard to see how anyone could not have similar problems, on the other hand it may be that they do. I am not going to link any of the posts concerned as it would be unfair to single out one or two in particular and I do not want any one poster to feel criticised in any way. What I am really trying to ask is a more general question about how one determines what is AS and what is just the nature of relationships, or the personalities and characters involved? Is there some kind of threshold or scale involved? Maybe a slightly odd question so sorry if I have offended anyone by asking it.