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16 Nov 2006, 10:47 am

I want to congratulate Alex, and all of you (the members) on Wrong Planet reaching the 7000 mark (that was a few days ago). I happen to know that we are planning even more goddies that you'll enjoy, dropping none of the ones you like, and figureing out how to get the site up to 10,000 in the next couple of years.

Advertising helps, but there has been a fantastic "word of mouth" on this site, and that helps even more.

Yes, I'm connected in a vague way with the site, but that doesn't stop me from congratulating all of you. The more members whe have, the more we can do.

Again, thanks, and we will continue to work to keep it interesting.

btdt .

Raphael E. Serebreny
West Long Branch, New Jersey