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09 Jul 2009, 6:56 pm

blondie wrote:
That's true but I live in San Antonio which barely has tornados I guess in part to the fact that theres alot of hills.

I am about 45 minutes from SA, and I agree with tornadoes being rare in the area.

I think Tornado Alley begins around, say, Hillsboro (where I-35 splits just before the DFW area).

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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22 May 2012, 1:38 pm

1. Socializing so well that I'll be kicked off Earth
2. Love
3. Relationships
4. Empowerment


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22 May 2012, 3:00 pm

1) Getting stuck in the elevator.
2) Sometimes at night Im scared that my house will catch on fire or somebody will break in and murder me. Thats why I had to stop watching murder documentaries period! And I cant watch anything scary at night.


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22 May 2012, 3:03 pm

open doors, using public bathrooms, textured plastic, little girls


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22 May 2012, 3:25 pm

These are ranked in no particular order:-


Fires probably come from my attachment to objects and/or the way I personify objects. I hate to see objects looking helpless and burning in a fire when they should be saved somehow. It just disturbs me.

Vomiting is a very common fear too. I have such a big phobia of vomiting that I actually have not vomited in over 10 years. I have felt sick since, and I have even heaved, but not actually vomited. I did have a sick bug a few years ago (I know I did because my friends had it who I had been with all day), and that night I woke up feeling terribly sick and had stomachache, but I think I tried to fight the physical urge to be sick because after about two hours of feeling rough and concentrating on fighting it, I finally fell asleep and woke up next morning in a soaking wet bed because I must have sweated it all out in fear. My hair was soaking wet so I literally had to dry it with a hair-dryer.

Snow comes from my social phobia - which part of that is fear of slipping over in public. Also I just don't like snow lying around because it disrupts my routine, and I like to see the grass and the roads, not a load of white stuff everywhere. Then I get even more fearful when it's just beginning to thaw out then more snow comes down! Aaarrgghh!! !

Spiders are very common in a lot of people (especially women), so I'm not alone here. I love daddy longlegs, I am not one bit afraid of them, and I don't mind money-spiders either. But I hate all other types of spiders. The little whispy ones that sit in the corner of a room don't frighten me much, but I wouldn't like them on me or I wouldn't like to pick them up.

The humiliation/shame one is more of a different type of phobia. I'm always afraid of it happening, and when it does happen, it haunts me for months.

Death is a common fear too, but for a depressed and suicidle person like me, this fear is big. I just can't picture what it's like to die, and I can't imagine how it would be to not exist any more. It panics me, and because I know it will definately happen, I just have to push it out of my mind.

Also I think I have a phobia of children but I can't be sure. I think I have a phobia of toddlers because if one is near me I almost jump back as though it's some sort of vicious animal.

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22 May 2012, 4:01 pm

I have a dreadful fear of filters/drains in swimming pools. I've had it since I was a child. Even seeing small children standing safely on them doesn't make me feel they are safe. A few years ago I decided to look online to see if anyone had actually been hurt by one of these things. That was a bad idea. It seems there's this thing called trans-anal evisceration... I'll let you research that yourselves if you so desire.

Chuck Palahniuk has written a jolly little story about it called "Guts".

Maybe it's related to the above fear but I also feel quesy seeing (or imagining) submerged objects like pipes, lock gates, anchor chains, buoys and so on. I'm not really bothered by the thought of underwater creatures though.

I'm not keen on insects with unneccessarily large bodies either.


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22 May 2012, 9:19 pm

- flying, stinging insects (honeybees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bumblebees, etc.) - also spiders, stinging ants, etc.
- poisonous snakes (rare around here)
- predators like bears (also rare around here), mountain lions (extinct around here?), bobcats, coyotes (especially if I'm outside at night and hear their howls nearby)
- high places, especially if there's nothing to grab onto (no tightrope walking, bungee jumping, or skydiving for me)
- rabid skunks, racoons, foxes, coyotes, bats (especially)


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22 May 2012, 10:32 pm

-being in a vegetative state and my hyper-religious family keeping me alive forever and praying over me around the clock. 8O
-Anyone touching me besides my pre-approved list (which consists of one person)
-being yelled at
-somehow waking up and realizing that I never left the cultish religion I was raised in 8O
-never successfully living completely on my own
-my daughter growing up to despise me because of my shortcomings
-having a massive stroke, and not being able to get myself around and completely depending on my family to care for me (i.e., bathing me, etc)
-life in prison due to some super meltdown that gets me in deep doo-doo (I have already spent time in jail due to one of these) 8O

I'm sure I have more, but this is all that I can think of right off the top of my head.

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23 May 2012, 10:34 pm


Their a funny lot they conveniently ignore that the the Northern Europeans are doing so well despite taxes making up to 50% of GDP , when you point it out to them they narrow in on Norway with it's "oil wealth" conveniently ignoring all the other nations in the region. And like the USA doesn't have mineral wealth :roll:

Germany's doing so well these days I think their Merkel should show Americas "Erkel" how it's done, though would the Americans accept advise from the euro weenies?

It's funny they where saying in the 90's that Germany should consume more aka turn Fritz the engineer in to a Starbucks Sally supervisor or a Timmy the Tesco stacker but "Fritz" perceived making things the rest of the world wanted and it turned out for the best in the long run. I think the lying conservatives in that part of the world chose to ignore the "reunification costs" of the 90's . Whatever I suppose?

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24 May 2012, 12:46 am

samtoo wrote:
I HATE thunder storms.

I used to be terrified of thunderstorms, until I got a dog who was even more upset by them than I was -- I was so focused on trying to keep him calm, that I managed to overcome my own fear. It did help that nothing bad happened :-)


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24 May 2012, 6:23 am

1.Gaining weight
4.Parents dying
6.Being humiliated.
7.Drowning (almost happened to me twice)
8.Water pollution (its why I'm very hesitant to swim anymore when I use to love to)
9. Relationships

I fear different kinds of scenarios more than actual things really.


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25 May 2012, 12:52 am

Nyctophobia (fear of the dark): I sleep with a night light and my sister still makes fun of me for it... she's younger than I am.

Arachnophobia: Really bad, the last time I woke up and saw a spider crawling across my bed in the middle of the night, I relocated and slept on the floor. And my friends still tease me for the time my biology teacher brought in a freaking huge tarantula-sized spider in a container and I screamed and jumped out of my chair.

Claustrophobia: But only if I get trapped: I can do closets and bathroom stalls because I can easily escape from them. Elevators, cardboard boxes, being pinned under bedsheets (my parents used to like playing this game with me when I was little; it was horrible) none of those things I can handle because there is no easy escape.

Emetophobia (fear of vomiting): I get much more disturbed by witnessing others vomit than by my own. My sister gets car sick easily so taking a long road trip with her makes me very anxious.

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking): This one got a little better after I joined my high school speech/debate team, but only a little. Basically all I learned was how to make it look like I'm not about to have a panic attack in front of my audience, when in fact that's exactly what I feel is going to happen. Tenth grade French class was a living hell because after every chapter we covered (there were seven in total) we were made to go into the hall and give a memorised speech in French, in front of our teacher... into a tape recorder. I panicked every single time. That was my first experience with panic attacks, and let's just say I'm not eager for a repeat.

Coulorophobia (fear of clowns): Seriously, the movie IT scarred me for life.

Thalassaphobia (fear of the ocean): I'm afraid of getting sucked under by the waves, plus I've been the only one in my family not only to get stung by a jellyfish, but to get stung on three separate occasions, two of which occurred within as many days.

Xantaphobia (fear of strangers): I've watched too many crime shows to ever be comfortable in close proximity to a suspicious looking stranger when I'm by myself again.

Needless to say, I'm a bit of a wimp. I often wish I weren't so afraid of mundane things, it can really get in the way of life.

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25 May 2012, 6:58 pm

I hate vomiting! I cannot say I fear it, but oddly, any time I do it, I start crying. Which is embarassing as Hell since I am now 50. Well, I think the last V. episode was 2-3 years ago. The worst is in public, which happened once because of allergy-caused bronchitis, lots of congestion, coughing= Uggh, gross!! ! That got me off that graveyard shift though.



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25 May 2012, 10:29 pm

Vomit ....I miss weeks of school when it's flu season..even though I never get sick


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25 May 2012, 11:49 pm

Phones are at the top of my list. I freakin' hate the things.


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26 May 2012, 3:01 am

I have claustrophobia very very bad, that's why I had huge porblems when I once was locked away in psychiatry. Since this time I also have a Psychiatry phobia and a phobia for psychiatrists and a phobia for medications so that it was very long immpossible to treat me because when something was going wrong a had a panic attack (not a real one, but it felt like it) and a meltdown.

I actually have a lot of fears.

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