A potential tool for the non-verbal in the making at MIT

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16 Sep 2018, 11:10 pm

I thought this was pretty cool.

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Thoughts? I'm curious what you think of this, especially if you're non-verbal. Would you use it? Try it? Not your thing? I'm curious if non-verbal autistics here would jump at the chance to use a smoothly operating production version of something like this, or if opinions are divided like they are in the deaf community about things like cochlear implants. Some deaf people can have their hearing greatly improved by a technological implant, some are opposed to their existence because it's "deaf genocide," - kind of like some Autistic people are anti-treatment because they don't feel that ASD is an ailment that needs to be treated in the first place. I'm curious if the non-verbal among us are also divided about whether they'd use a technological aid like this if they could.

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