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29 Mar 2013, 8:37 pm

i know im only a mild case of autism, but im really really worried about my future. Im barley able to rely on myself now, i cant really function in school and i cant get up and walk on my own and i get very very very overwhelmed with how much i have to constantly be aware of, whenever i tell someone this theyre like "but last year you were able to go to school on your own!" when that isnt true, i went for 3 months then stopped going and people had to bring me to school, and half the time i would leave in the middle of the day. people dont understand that its not my fault, i dont even choose to do half the things i do. :( im so confused and anxious that i had a meltdown a few days ago. I havent notified my therapist about my feelings yet and i hope to next week when i see him again, what can i expect in the future?

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29 Mar 2013, 11:15 pm

Better, because you're only 16 & are already well aware of your diagnosis and can work on improving yourself every single day.

With practicing social skills, therapy/counselling, figuring out a healthy diet, keeping up with exercise, and finding whatever other combinations of treatments work for you and help keep you calm & balanced, you'll continuously become a better version of yourself day by day, bit by bit.

Getting mentally fit is exactly like getting physically fit, you have to work on it every day. You won't notice changes day by day, but your efforts will compound and before you know it after a few months when you look in the mirror you're looking like you're in pretty darn good shape compared to a few short months ago! Same goes for focusing effort on your mind and controlling your ASD traits better and better, too. You just have to give it a consistent effort day by day, and bit by bit you'll improve.

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