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01 Apr 2013, 1:18 am

been here since i first suspected. wanted to post and say that ive received a diagnosis because, well, this forum is where it seems like i should do something like that (share this information).

i want to express my grumpiness even though my grumpiness may be caused by the region in which i live. around here, if youve never been, it is always questioned how 'black, white, gay, street, artistic, urban, etc.' one is and then that assessment is used to determine where one 'fits' or in what category they 'belong.' recently, ive found myself grumpy with our lgbt community for being, well, exclusive.

therefore, i represent no groups and resent most groups. i do wonder if the autistic community will be any different. ive read a few posts on this forum since i joined that would seem to suggest that it wont be. for those of you that engage in the activity, your 'comparing of scars' is quite obviously indicative of your unsureness of character.

ill stick around as long as there is mutual benefit. thank you to those who have been supportive so far (which is most of you, to be sure).


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01 Apr 2013, 1:41 am

I'm bumbling around undiagnosed but content.
Are you grumpy because you don't fit / the label doesn't fit/ why do people want labels anyway/ labels are itchy and should be removed :)
Is your lbgt community full of people with the right 'label" but the wrong personalities? Hang out with people you do like!
Life is too short, put anyone who brings you down in the a-hole box and throw away the key.