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25 May 2013, 8:37 am

doordoctor wrote:
Drehmaschine wrote:
doordoctor wrote:
yes, i name my door closers,

LCN 4040 XP= Lou (wordplay on inventor's first name)

LCN 4110=Lea (sounded female, and from when i was in middle school, all female bathroom doors had a right hand door, all male bathrooms had left hand swing doors, since the 4110 came off a right hand door, gave that one the name of Lea

norton 7700, another that came off a right hand door, Charlene

norton 1600 (one in my display image here) just "Norton" another that came off right hand door, but has a gender neutral name

russwin #52 (potbelly/traditional door closer from 1952) named Russell

Rixson series #28(floor closer) Rick

norton door check & Spring (old pneumatic closer from 1880's) Carey (inventor's middle name who made the first american door closer)

dorma (7400 series "slimline" closer) Dorma

Sargent screen door closer= Sarge

Drehmaschine, I remember watching movie full metal jacket and the one guy naming his rifle

Nice names. Russell sounds like a name for a big person, like Russell from Gorillaz so I guess it fits.
By the way, Tito is the Mori (SL-303) in my Avatar, in the ad before I bought him. I fixed the rigged up part rest and got a new transparent panel for the sensor in the Tailstock, which was almost impossible.

hallo Drehmaschine,

Russell yes is a heavy closer, he is about 8 lbs (lightest of cast iron closers i have) I found Russell next door when helping my mom and her freinds clean out the leftovers from when the owner died, my mom knew him and wife of owner, so i went over with her to help sort stuff, and owner knew i loved door closers, so she gave me Russell in 2001,

its great that you take good care of Tito, if you take care of him, he will provide you with years of service without problems,

when did you buy Tito?? how old is he??

my closers ages,

Lou: almost 2 years old, 38'th week of '11, (august 29'th to be exact, at 1030 am he was made at LCN closers plant in Princeton, IL)

Lea: 22 years old made 1st week of '91

Russwin: 61 years old, (month and day unknown when he was made)

Rick: 13 months made 4/18/12

Carey : 131 years old (yes, and still has spring power too! Aug 1, 1882)

Dorma, 24 years old, 9-89 (sept of '89)

norton, July 1992 (date code is 2 letters, GP)

charlene, Feb, 1991 (2 letter date code, BQ)

Sarge, his age and date of manufacture is unknown, he was first closer i got back in 1998 from a second hand store


He's about 14 (1999). I bought him maybe 5 years ago from a company that remanufactures factory machinery. When I save enough money, I want to replace his chuck.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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28 May 2013, 9:20 pm

One of my obessions/interests is names, I name lots of things, have done since I was a kid. :)