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05 May 2013, 3:57 pm

I'm thinking of applying to do a Master's of Information and Library Science. For my letter of intent I have to decide what I'd like to study in the program. I'd like to do something having to do with accessibly of libraries for people with disabilities. Apparently the research into library accessibility has been mainly focused on people with visual disabilities and on making equipment available to make library materials more accessible.Little research has been done on people with learning and developmental disabilities. Little research has been done on the attitudes of librarians and their interactions with people with disabilities and little has been done on people with multiple disabilities.

So please answer the following questions if you can. It would help me out.

1). What disabilities do you have? What disorders/conditions have you been diagnosed with ?

2) How often do you use public libraries and for what purpose(s) do you use them?

3)Have you had any issues with accessing materials in the library or using the library for work or enjoyment?

4)Have you had any issues communicating with librarians? If so ,what were they?

5)How would you improve public libraries in your neighborhood? What would you like to see more or less of or what changes would you like to see made?

One small thing I'd really like is more individual study rooms in libraries and to have the study rooms more spaced out. My auditory filtering issues make it hard for me to concentrate on reading or studying at a big table while others are turning pages, chewing and swallowing, rustling papers ect. so I like the little rooms but they're usually taken when I get there.

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05 May 2013, 4:32 pm

1) I have Aspergers and no other disability.
2) I use public libraries just to borrow books to read for pleasure but have studied using university libraries in the past.
3) I have had no issues using libraries as an adult.
4) As a child I was terrified of going to the library as the women who worked there were frightening. I desperately wanted to borrow books but I thought they would tell me off if I spoke! Same at school, I did not know what to do and no one told me. However, that was many years ago and I don't think this would happen now.
5) Where I live the libraries are excellent. I could never concentrate working in a library though, I need to have books at home where I can work in my own environment.

I learned to use the ordering systems to get the books I needed and use them at home or maybe photocopy the important bits if they were not available for loan. I studied in the days before Internet access for everyone and I think it would be easier now. Electronic books to loan would be good too.


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05 May 2013, 4:33 pm

Before the internet? I used to go to the library all the time. After the internet? not at all. why go to the library when all the information you want is now at Your finger tips. When I was in school(back in the 80s). I would go to school library all the time. It was the only aspie friendly place there. It was quiet. So no sensory overloads. I could pull any book I wanted to read and go in to a secluded corner and cuddle up in a bean bag. Plus. It was the only place at school that I could get away from my bullies. my bullies never like the library anyways. I'll bet that over 90% of everything I learned in school was from reading books in the library. none of this classroom s**t where your force to sit with other student to distract you and give bullies an opportunity to pick on you and all the teacher did was spoon feed you at a pace you could not swallow. I miss the library. It was a sanctuary in the middle of that harsh and ruthless school campus.