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09 Oct 2013, 5:01 pm

My life has seemed to be a string of surprising coincidences for many years now. Many of the people I know have turned out to be friends with other people I met in completely different circumstances, or have been unknowingly connected to my life and only found out years after the fact. So I guess I should not be so surprised to discover another coincidence in my life.

I met up with my best friend for coffee last week, the first time I'd seen her for a couple of months. I have always been incredibly close to this one person - more than anyone else in my entire life (except my wife of course). We share the same sense of humour and love to talk about all the same concepts and ideas, such as psychology etc. It's like we are just totally on the same wavelength.

Since I last saw her, this friend has been told by her therapist that she most likely has Aspergers syndrome, and has an appointment to confirm it at the ASD clinic in five weeks. It's really strange because I've been longing for a friend with Aspergers that I could talk to who would understand things from my point of view. And now it turns out that My very best friend probably has got Aspergers - how weird is that for a coincidence :)

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised - it's probably the fact that we both have the same condition that puts us on the same wavelength. I mean I always knew she disliked cuddles like me, and was obsessive about her interests and beliefs. And we have both always hated small talk and chit chat preferring to talk about philosophy or science instead.

But it wasn't till she started to ask me questions about Aspergers (knowing that I was diagnosed myself) that we realised just how alike we actually are. She has all the same sensory problems, and the same difficulty in filtering out background noise/light as me. Though she never mentioned it before because she just thought it was normal to be like that (so did I till my diagnosis).

By the time we had finished chatting (or to be more precise, when the coffee shop kicked us out at closing time) It was blindingly obvious that she is indeed well on the spectrum, even though neither of us suspected it till now.

Strange how life sometimes turns itself around in unexpected ways like that :)

Autistic dad to an autistic boy and loving it - its always fun in our house :)

I have Autism. My communication difficulties mean that I sometimes get words wrong, that what I mean is not what comes out.


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09 Oct 2013, 5:04 pm

it is isn't it? i'm very happy for you. i've had periods like this in my life. i look forward hopefully to some positive synchronicity in the years to come.

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09 Oct 2013, 5:25 pm

I met my ex boyfriend and it also turned out he likely had it. Then I met my husband and I found out this year he shows signs of autism according to a doctor he saw when he was being evaluated for SSDI. He told my mom what she said and she said "That makes sense." Luckily I don't have a very bad marriage we always hear about when people talk about their aspie partners.

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