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20 Sep 2015, 10:44 pm

i've started doing this thing half-unconsciously where if i'm having a conversation, or just thinking to myself, i'll analyze the positions of the letters of the words on a keyboard and try to find patterns and symmetry in them. for example the word 'coffee', there is one letter in the bottom row of the (american layout) keyboard (c), two letters in the middle row (f and f) and three in the top row (o, e and e). this is a word i like because it forms a triangle pattern. another good word is 'amoeba', because it has two letters in the top row (o and e), two letters in the middle row (a and a) and two letters in the bottom row (m and b).

whenever someone's talking i'll group the letters into top, middle and bottom in this way, for no good reason that i can tell.

does anyone else do something like this, and why??

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