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05 Dec 2014, 7:52 pm

Hey gang,

Got a question for those in HS or college does it help you when you are studying text to have visual cues to help with out with the over all idea?

I was in math call this afternoon I was having a tough time trying to figure out a problem but yet when my instructor went to the white board and drew things out I was able to get it 1 2 3 she knows I have Autism and has been outreaching for me.

For some reason if I can see what the text is trying to say in pictures I am more able to get the (right) answers is that what they mean by "visual thinking"?

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05 Dec 2014, 8:14 pm

I believe visual cues help you to "visualize" an idea--help you see the idea in action.

It could definitely help in math. One could see, for example, fractions in action, rather than just numbers on paper.

That's why it's always complimentary to call anybody's writing "illustrative." This means he/she is able to write things which are understandable to the reader.