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18 Aug 2015, 2:38 pm

Has anyone heard of this? It is thought that some people react to certain foods, because certain component substances of the food pass through the intestine and into blood stream. By far, most people in the world do not have this problem. I SEEM to. A lot of foods can cause serious anxiety/mood problems. It's not just the "comfort food" factor. I finally found that, of all things, double cheeseburgers from Burger Kings cause the least problems -- and I know would think this means I have a junk food diet.

At least a few articles link this to Autism Spectrum. I have not read them yet. It seems very true for me, and I am on the Spectrum.

See this article (I am not sure how reliable the website is): ... -problems/

Friesland = a province in the Netherlands. Pronounced so that it rhymes the English word "free" (not "fry"). I live in the USA, but I have a Frisian surname and all-Dutch ancestry. Just a minor Aspie obsession of mine.