Official Aspie diagnosis n 10 days : stress advice please

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05 Jan 2016, 9:53 am


Next monday I'm supposed to start a new job after a (too) long period of freelancing/unemployment. In ten days I will receive my official Aspie-or-not diagnosis.

Future work is in the news. I e-mailed them with a scoop. I received a "I will call you tomorrow morning" from the guy who recruited me (small company, no HR department)

Without any reason I'm anticipating a "sorry we decided not to hire you" phone call. My history of botched job interviews lead me to question my non-verbal language and was part of what lead me to seek an Asperger diagnosis.

Can anyone relate ? Is it the officila diagnosis approaching stress talking ?

Any way to cope withe this stress ?

Thanks in advance

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05 Jan 2016, 12:42 pm

Sounds like a stressful week for sure! It's so hard when everything is uncertain, and you have to wait for answers before knowing how to proceed with your life.

I have no advice except the obvious... Just try to distract yourself as best you can, to pass the time while you're waiting. Also I sometimes make a flowchart of what my next step will be, depending on the various outcomes. It helps me to feel like I have at least some kind of a plan in place, for what to do next.

But I hope it all turns out well, and you get the job and the support you need! Good luck :)


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05 Jan 2016, 5:46 pm

I hear you--i got my diagnosis 5 months ago and I got so stressed waiting for it that I was getting migraines. I agree with Ashariel--do whatever you can to distract and de-stress. Be kind to yourself and use whatever normally helps--music, exercise, reading, bubble baths, etc. I like the flowchart idea too, or maybe writing out some scripts to help get ready for the next steps.

A word of advice--don't tell them about the diagnosis until they have made the job offer, and don't mention it until you have the official diagnostic report in hand. That way they can't rescind the offer just based on your diagnosis. I know it isn't legal (depending on your country) but it happens.

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