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26 Feb 2016, 1:31 pm

I prefer to dabble in humanities than indulge in too much generic sweet.

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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27 Feb 2016, 1:04 am

I was never good at math, and the only sciences I was interested in were biology and psychology. I was much more into English, and still am. I like writing poetry, and have been told I'm pretty good. So I guess that makes me a humanities nerd.

AQ: 28

Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 114 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 90 of 200
You seem to have both neurodiverse and neurotypical traits

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03 Mar 2016, 12:55 am

I am not the best at science, but I do try my best in those classes. Some of the formulas are hard to understand for me, and that's an uncommon trait for an autistic student.
It's humanities, current events, and history where I am excellent. Geography skills are excellent. I know where all of the state highways are, most big cities in America (and a lot of smaller towns in the west and Midwest, mainly); I knew all of the 50 states by the time I was four or five; and know practically every country, including the little island nations like Nauru, Vanuatu and Tonga...not to mention those in Africa (Mauritius, Seychelles etc).
I keep up on current events - and know a lot about past events. But I am somewhat selective on the past events.
US History is probably my strongest history topic.