Communication difficulty and increased sensory sensitivity

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29 Jul 2016, 9:44 pm

Anyone else here a pokemon go fan? I am, i liked a pokemon as a young kid but recently as you may have heard pokemon is taking off again. Everyone is playing pokemon go and i wanted to too, i could play it on my ipad but there wasnt a way for me to play on the go, only at home. I decided to get a phone so i can play anywhere. But i had to get Data for my phone. I went to koodoo and asked for service but i couldnt understand them, they kept usung lingo that i didnt understand but my cousin did, i got really frusrated because they kept repeating themselfs and i couldnt understand them and i was close to a meltdown, my cousin mustve picked up on my frustration because he started helping me.

It wasnt just the lingo too, the mall was extremely loud, like, unbareably loud and it was making me me very tense. I had never been that intolerable to loud sounds at least since i was young. I think its because i dont live in the city anymore, and im not used to constant noise.

Anyways, just something id like to share

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