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06 Jan 2017, 10:51 pm

The other day I overheard a colleague making fun of me for my reaction to a loud piece of equipment she was using at work. In general I think I pass for NT pretty easily, but high pitched noises have always been the one exception. Even if I am expecting them it's like I get some kind of weird fight-or-flight response, like I am under attack, like I have no control over what is happening. I feel afraid I'll hit someone if they get close sometimes, even though I never have. Because of this I've avoided loud sounds most of my life. No live sporting events. If I hear live music, ear protection and seat far from any amplification. For such reasons I suspect I've retained better hearing than most teens, even though I am in my 30s. I can hear when my phone charger is plugged into the wall, and when the phone is connected. I hear flashes on cameras. Even though I sleep with my bedroom door open, if anyone walks into my room I snap awake, even the cat, a few times a mouse. You get the idea.

When my coworker turned this empty tank on it made some creaking but also some very loud and very high frequency pitches that I'm not sure she could hear. I backed away and plugged one of my ears with my thumb. I thought this was a fairly normal reaction, even for an NT, but I guess maybe I let my true colors show a little. She must have thought I had gone home when she was mocking me later on, but I was actually working on the other side of the room out of view. I overheard her saying "She freaked out, but like, it wasn't that loud. What's up with that?" I waited a second or two, then in response I shouted back "It's because I have really good hearing. You should remember that." No one laughed. It was awkward and silent, but I felt like I won the awkward game at least, if not the friend game.

has anyone experienced anything similar?

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07 Jan 2017, 12:39 am

Sometimes the sense of hearing can be a NIGHTMARE...

My family is currently dealing with a situation that involves loud neighbors (community living & they were creating noise on purpose FULLY aware that my daughter and I are on the spectrum), and it has been a real trial... We ended up seeking outside help, and are waiting the next steps.. I am saddened that many do not understand how torturous this condition can be when it comes to sensory issues... It is like no one wants to believe you, cares, or that you should just "tolerate it" .... It truly does create a fight or flight response, panic, severe anxiety.... It is horrifying sometimes. And it can be so bad on my little one... Makes you feel helpless... The situation here has truly disrupted our lives while everyone else goes about it with smiles and mockery.. Depressing...

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11 Jan 2017, 10:52 pm

I can relate to this. Certain sounds bother me, too. Especially high pitched ones. I remember being surprised to learn that most people did not feel physical pain when they heard certain noises (this particular experience was a saw hand saw on glass). There are many pitches that bother me which other people can't even hear. Sometimes, I'll even be bothered by high pitched sounds that occasionally come from burning wood.