How bad is my AUTISM? 25 year old autistic/aspergic male

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14 Jun 2017, 2:56 pm

hi i wanna know how bad my autism is im 25 cant get a job because no one accepts me in society as who i am im living with my parents they think im crazy but im just autistic possibly im honestly panicking because ive been made fun of for being different my whole life like i was always extroverted but i was kind of weird when i tried to talk to people they'd always let me off and im a pretty slow learner since im in deep thought or playing video games most of the time. is introversion a sympton of autism maybe? HAS ANyone evr felt me like me here? Ive always been different you know i see what people dont see like i can detect a lie from a mile away i have very good intuition for an aspie and im highly self aware composed to most people i also dont see a need to confrom to this world so i dont really buy newclothes at all and im the oposite of fashinable i also dont really take care of myself but its the best i can do i know i need helkp and teachers always sakd so but my parents wont listen what can i do? im only 25 i swear


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14 Jun 2017, 7:28 pm

I would say that most of us have felt some of all of the things you mentioned.

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15 Jun 2017, 5:32 am

I would say say your autism has a significant impact on your life. And there are plenty here who can relate.