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17 Oct 2017, 12:28 am

hannahjrob wrote:
I've noticed this when I go to the dentist. I can't tolerate that bright light shining above me and I have to wear shades and keep my eyes shut most of the time. I also had to keep my eyes closed when we did sit-ups in gym class when I was in school because the lights up on the ceiling bothered me.

Oh God the light in the dentist's office... setting aside regular sunlight which is difficult, the light in the dentist's office is the one light that I cannot tolerate at all. I've even asked my dentist to turn it off but he refuses every time and says that he needs it.

That thing is so bright and so offensive that it gives me a migraine every time and feels like it penetrates me like a laser. It overstimulates me something awful. I always perspire at that point. He apologizes every time and I tell him that I'm an Aspie but he doesn't budge.

So I said to him, "okay then but I'm going to be stimming like mad, mister, so I don't want any dirty looks from you."

We haven't spoken about it since.

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