Adult Asperger yahoogroup for Northern California events

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24 Mar 2008, 1:25 am

Adult Aspies in Northern California can join the mailing list NorCalAdultAspies, in which local meetings are announced:

To join go to:

This yahoogroup is for Adults with Asperger Syndrome (Aspies) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area, and throughout Northern California area. The main focus is announcements of Aspie events and meetings. People who organize events for Adult Aspies in this area are encouraged to post them on this list. Discussion by anyone on any topic relating to local Adult Aspies is also encouraged.

If you have joined other Aspie mailing lists and found them to be too unfocused or impersonal, you might like this one because the local focus keeps traffic low and relevant.

If you believe you have or might have Asperger Syndrome, you are welcome to join and participate, whether you have a formal diagnosis or not.

When you join the group, the yahoogroups system will ask you for a "Comment to Owner". Please confirm that you are an adult, that you think you may have or or have Asperger Syndrome, and provide your location in Northern California.

NOTE TO PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Sorry but this group is not for parents or caregivers; there are many other lists that have that focus. You may be interested in the AutismInterventionNorthernCA or sacautism yahoogroups. Non-Aspies who organize Adult Aspie events are very welcome to join and post their events.

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17 Sep 2018, 1:32 pm

The grown up Asperger self improvement insurgency is on. we meet to share encounters, bolster each other, discover assets, collaborate in a protective situation connection with the Conejo Valley Events.

Conejo Valley Events