What is THE most hated question that peeps ask you about AS?

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14 Oct 2007, 11:58 am

2ukenkerl wrote:
kuiamalynne wrote:
I don't think that I receive questions as much as I receive "statements," which is weird. It's always been a mixture for me. Some people say that I seem too normal, that I must have outgrown it. Others have told me that they kind of figured I'm autistic -- some have even point-blank asked me if I have AS.

Perhaps the most hated questions I get are:
"You have AS? Then why are you an English major?"
"How can you even think about wanting to teach?"

I guess everyone thinks I'd best serve the world if I were to lock myself in a room with a computer all day. I mean, I do like working with computers, and I even started college as a programming major, but I've found that it's not for me, that English/writing fits better. Why is this so hard to grasp? Why do all people with AS have to love technology? While I personally don't see anything wrong with loving technology, I do find it frustrating that everyone wants to shove me into that category. Dagnabbit, I like reading rhetorical theory, not database theory, mmkay?

Hate to say it, YOU FIT THE STEREOTYPE!! !! !!

You started out with computers and, I guess, are OK with it! Stereotype #1! BTW That is my second big interest. First was electronics, but computers weren't economically feasible for most then. :D

You finished with LANGUAGE! Stereotype #2(or is it number one, since it is the most popular first obsession and I guess WAS mine while I was learning, and with hans first mentioned?)! BTW that is my third big interest!

So HEY, if you don't want to be defined by stereotypes, don't fit them! :lol:

Hahaha. This made me smile. Thanks. :)

I didn't realize that language was one of the AS stereotypes. As for those who stereotype me... they usually don't see language in that way. I guess they're just ill-informed about stereotypes? Hmm.

My goal is to be a professor in English/Rhetoric. Does this mean that I want to fulfill the "little professors" stereotype? I think my head hurts...