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14 Feb 2019, 1:54 pm

Hey people with ASD (for the most part)

I was thinking about the poor employment statistics with regards to people with ASD have,
and was thinking that where some of the national autism associations do their best to try and
convince governments to do more to help people with Autism find employment,

I was thinking that the likelihood is that for the most part, if we are lucky, we will end up underemployed
and continue to be frustrated, and unfulfilled.

This scenario I feel is especially true for people who have intense special interests in one or two particular areas.

I was thinking that it would be better if the various national autism associations were able to make a tailored service
that was less generic that fitted any job to the person with ASD.

And instead, worked with the client to find the ultimate best fit, not only in terms of employment that already exists,
but in creating employment from people's areas of special interests, or finding employment opportunities outside their local area, even if they are to relocate or to work remotely.

For example. Quiet a few people with ASD have creative or scientific skills, who ever produce goods that can be exploited to generate revenue or who can work remotely on an area of research.

In such cases, conventional working environments or even jobs are not that greatly suited, especially if working with people who do not understand autism or worse, who will victimise people with autism.

I have a lot of experience of being subjected to bullying in the work place, as I live in an island which is an off shore finance centre, where most the decent jobs are in banking.

The banking environment is very conservative so not greatly suited to people with ASD
banks generally have highly competitive and highly pressurised working environments
and attract more than their fare share of douche bags who are expert manipulators (of the truth).

I have been bullied at almost every job I have ever had by people who aren't hard working, honest, or even any
good at their jobs. But the sociopaths fit in because most the people are lazy lying sociopaths.

The honest man is ousted. for being nice, hard working, honest, and good at their job.
That's the problem with some areas in life, such as off shore centres.

So. I figure services set up that help people exploite their talents, knowledge and experience on the subject of their
special interests would be awesome!

They could even call such a service....
Special Interests in employment
which would be a very autistic label, in the fact that it is exactly that.

any thoughts....