Understanding EGOISM from an autistic view

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29 May 2020, 10:49 pm

Over a week ago I had uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel "Aspie With Attitude" explaining what EGO is. The word "EGO" turns out to be an Ancient Roman word for our famous single lettered English word "I".

I had found this a mysterious subject, understanding why people get irritated when one person speaks about themselves like "I am into music, I love Hip-Hop and Kayne West is the best musician in the world" as one example.

What I had done was, worked on a video upload for "Aspie With Attitude" without talking about myself to get to the bottom of what EGO means. I did compare extreme EGOISM as NARCISSISM, since narcissism describes an individual who makes or describes themselves more important by placing themselves above others around them.

Here's this video that I had uploaded, I had thought that I like to have a brief explanation about EGOISM since I take in full consideration that not everyone likes my video uploads. Especially those who have sensory discomfort seeing bright colours, where as there are people out there who can make themselves important that no one uses colours at all as if Van Gogh should have done all his artwork in black and white to only serve those people who have that sense of self importance.

I am "Aspie With Attitude", an Autistic YouTube Creator talking about life, my special interest, autism issues etc.

I also make fantasy test card animation and mix my own music.

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